History of the Password

During prohibition in the 1920’s, Speakeasies used secret knocks or whispered phrases as a way to prevent unwanted visitors — namely cops — out. With the advent and popularization of the Internet in the nineties and early aughts, passwords evolved into typed out phrases instead of knocks on a door: your first dog’s name, your mother’s maiden name, or a favorite professional athlete were common examples, and still are to this day.

Each method obviously has its flaws and drawbacks. What if a cop discovered the secret knock? If you used (or still use) the same password for all of your logins, a hacker could discover one password-email combination, and suddenly all of your personal information would be at risk.

Password Day seemed as good a time as any to revisit the history of the password, and look towards its newest permutation — GRVTY. GRVTY is the newest wave of password technology, utilizing three pillars for its success.

  1. Customer Experience — GRVTY provides the easiest password login and reset process on the market. No long phrases to memorize. It’s as simple as pushing a button.
  2. Security, Redefined — Password reset and replacement are difficult and sometimes dangerous processes. GRVTY’s security level is on par with the Death Star, except there’s no square meter for Luke Skywalker to shoot a missile into.
  3. Enterprise — GRVTY has the ability to exponentially shrink the cost of customer support for businesses, while boosting customer satisfaction with its ease of use.

Password protection has lagged behind almost every other technological industry for decades. Billion dollar companies see their security firewalls compromised with a regularity that should be alarming to consumers; hackers have potentially gained access to the personal information of millions of people in the last 12 months alone.

Nowadays, it seems childish to use a secret knock to gain entry into a private club. Once GRVTY becomes the market norm, typing out a password will seem even more juvenile.

GRVTY is still under development, but sign up with your email address at www.grvty.io and we’ll be sure to let you in on a sneak peak before anyone else.

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